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Corporate is a subsidiary of Bintelsoft Inc, an enterprise software company focused on Parts operations worldwide.
Bintelsoft incorporated in 2005, when Inventory consultant Ole Stein and IT consultant Suresh Appukuttan recognized parts inventory operations needed to be upgraded and streamlined with better software using modern technology and hardware. Ole having 25 years experience as an inventory specialist, and Suresh from engineering and ERP software with 13 years experience, are dedicated to improve parts management and inventory operations worldwide.
To build on this promise, was created to unite parts databases worldwide into one global search engine. Inventories from dealers, parts stores, distributors, and others, representing millions of part numbers from hundreds of manufacturers, can be searched, located, purchased or sold.
At Bintelsoft, we believe that new technologies should be innovative and original. We focus on cutting edge solutions in these new technological areas so that we can make sure that the organizations which use our services and solutions are always prosperous and that they follow the best practices. We hope will help you become more efficient in searching, locating, selling and purchasing parts.
Bintelsoft Inc. is located in northern California. Please see "Contact us" for details.
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